Price is always on the first place. We make websites for people for popular prices :-) Complete web without any other charges - for 4.444 CZK


We will make your web according to your ideas. In the price of graphic design is also a logo. Here is a showcase from our creation.

Can we do it?

Convince yourself we can. We're on market more than 10 years, currently we manage more than 4500 websites on our servers.

Extra services

Well, you don't need any. You will have a domain, webhostingm, graphics, logo, resposiveness of the wen, SEO and a complete technical support.

Where we work

Ostrava, Havířov, Karviná, Frýdek-Místek, Opava, Třinec, Orlová, Český Těšín, Nový Jičín, Krnov, Bohumín, Kopřivnice, Bruntál ...

Website creation - easily with Ostravski

Do you want new, impressive and successful website? But you don't know how or what all you'll need? Are you unfimiliar in the internet jungle of technical terms and uncanny shortcuts? Don't have time for website creation? Do you think that professional website creation will cost you a lot of money? We're here just for you, we make websites for people for popular prices. Everything for a price of 4.444 CZK without any other charges. On the beginning you'll just specify your requirements and at the end you'll have a modern, functional and responsive website.

Our service is meant for everyone, be it either a craft company, an cleaning company, a hair salon, or owner of a car service, taxi services or you are a translator or a photographer, or maybe you own and operate a hotel, guesthouse or a restaurant, or you may operate a medical or psychological practice, you can be a school, a kindergarten, a village, a non-profit organization or any other institution, or you want a personal website or write a blog, or you operate a sport club or a hobby group, or if you want a tematical or informational site.

We will guide you through the making of your website from A to Z: We will provide you with a domain, a webhosting and e-mail services. We will make a logo and a unique graphics for your website according to your wishes and ideas, we will fill your website with content, which you can then edit in our easy to use and intuitive content management system. Moreover in the case of need there is our technical support. We will register your websites to major catalouges and optimize it for SEO, so you will be visible in search engnes like Google. Your website will be fully responsive.

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What we offer

Tvorba webových stránek Ostrava

Everything in one place

We will provide you all servie under one roof for a price of 4 444Kč.

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Domain and webhosting

You will always have a domain of your choice and a webhosting free for the first year.

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Easy website management

You can manage your website over our easy content management system, or we can do it for you.

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webdesign Ostrava

Graphics and webdesign

We will make you a professional looking website according to your wishes and ideas.

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Website visible for everyone

We make responsive websites, so it's visitor can view it either on a computer, phone or tablet.

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SEO is a matter of course

We will optimize the website, so search engines like Google will like it.

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Who are we

We make websites since 2005

We are a company located in Ostrava.

  • over 4500 customers
  • graphics according to your ideas and wishes
  • we manage our own servers on backbone network

who are we

 Although we operate all over the country and we participate in foreign projects, we stayed ostrava patriots and most of our customers are from Moravia-Silesia:

Ostrava, Havířov, Karviná, Frýdek-Místek, Opava, Třinec, Orlová, Český Těšín, Nový Jičín, Krnov, Bohumín, Kopřivnice, Bruntál ...

Why us

Because we will make you a prefessional website for a reasonable price, that you won't get anywhere else :-).

We will make you graphics according to your ideas, including a logo. Website will be ready for SEO (Google, Bing). It will be responsive and easy to manage. It will run on our servers connected to the backbone network, which means maximum availability. Everything for 4.444 Kč.



From references


Moravian-Silesian references

As we are good people, we long-term cooperate with Moravian-Silesian firefighters, VŠB (Technical University of Ostrava) and Stodolní street.


Contact Us

e-BAAN Internet s.r.o.

Dobrovského 974/29

702 00 OSTRAVA

E weby@ostravski.cz

T +420 553 810 252

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