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Domain and webhosting first year for free

If you already own a domain, you can of course use it, otherwise we will provide you CZ or EU domain.


Every house has a post adress and it's the same for websites. Your website needs a unique internet adress, which we call domain or domain name. All computers in the internet have their numerical IP adress, but it's hard to remember. Imagine if we had to use GPS coordinates as an adress for our house. Becouse of this reason every website on the internet has it's unique name, ex.  Our post adress is hierarchical - state, city, street, descriptive number. The same thing goes for internet adresses, parts divided by dot go from the most general to the most specific right to left.

The most general part is called first level domain, also TLD (Top Level Domain), in our case it's .cz. It's our national domain (similar like .sk for Slovakia, .de for Germany or .eu for European Union). Administrator of our domain is cz.nic. These national domains are also called ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain). Besides these national domains exist generic domains gTLD (generic Top Level Domain), which are generic and are not connected with any specific country. The most known domain is domain .com, which with domains .org, .net, .edu, .gov and .mil belong to the historical ones. Hundreds of other domains were added gradually. The most known are .info, .biz or .name.

In all first level domains is possible to register a second level domain for a charge and under certain curcumstances. Second level domains register so called domain registrators.

The most important thing for you are the second level domains, in our case ostravski. The second level domains are meant for everyone - a person, a company, an organization, a goverment. It's a name of your company or service, your brand or basically any name that is free. This name has to meet these conditions: it can only contain letters of english alphabet a-z, numbers 0-9 and a dash (dash cannot be on the beginning or at the end); and it can only contain 63 symbols.

The third level domain, in our case www, is determined by the owner of the domain himself. This domain is also called subdomain. Usually main websites are www, so it's usually clear then that is a web adress. But it's not necessary. If we have a shop besides our website we can give it eshop subdomain.

We can also create more levels of domains (fourth, fifth, sixth, etc.), but it's not the usual.

Few rules for domain creation:

  • if you do your business or you act in Czech republic, it's good to choose .cz domain
  • domain name should't be too long, optimal size is 8-9 symbols max
  • it's good if you domain has some characteristic key word
  • ideal is when your domain name does not contain more than two words
  • if you have more words than two in your domain, don't use dash, people then don't know if there is a dash or not, you can also create both and then link them to the same website (server)
  • it's good when your domain is unique, easy to remember and it can be pronounced easily
  • if you can easily miss-spell the domain, it's also good to register the miss-spelled one
  • be careful about using acronyms and shortcuts for your domain


Webhosting is a service, that will allow you to publish your website, usually on your own domain. Part of disk space on high-performance servers is rented for you. Your data is physically stored there.

Imagine if we had our website on our own server. You would have to buy the server, then connect it to the backbone network of internet, you would have to configure the server (web services, database services, e-mail services, FTP and many more), you would have to backup it and monitor it. If a technical error would appear, you would have to repair it.

The solution on how to safe money and time is webhosting, which is going to provide you everything you need for a reasonable price. You are going to acquire professional base for your websites and e-mails and on the top you are going to have technical support seven days in a week.

Technical specifications of our hosting:

  • space for your website 20 GB
  • space for your e-mails 5 GB
  • unlimited numbers of e-mails
  • web-based e-mail interface
  • spam protection
  • pop3, imap and smtp support
  • redirection of your e-mail boxes
  • administrative interface for service management
  • administrative interface for database management
  • 1 main domain
  • unlimited number of subdomains
  • unlimited number of domain aliases
  • unlimited number of FTP accounts
  • FTP acces over web-based interface
  • unlimited data traffic
  • server statistics
  • task planner Cron
  • own .htaccess (rewrite mode)
  • technical support over phone, e-mail and chat
  • server monitoring
  • everyday server backup

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