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Do you want your own website, but you ask yourself: Do I need a programmer? Who will make my graphics? How do I get my website online? Is my website going to be visible? And many else.

  The fact is you don't have to care about anything! The only thing you need to do is contact us, either by our contact formular, email or by your phone. Then we'll do everything for you! We will arrange your domain, webhosting and we'll setup e-mails. According to your ideas we will make a suitable graphics and logo. Then we'll register your website into interenet catalogues and optimize it for SEO. Our support is always available.

Let's compare the whole procces to a contruction of a house:

1. Domain

What do we need first? Every home has it's own adress. The same thing goes for websites, every website has it's unique url. For example:

More info on domains

2. Webhosting

The second thing you need is a good land. It should be connected to electricity, water, natural gas and canalization. Such land for your web is webhosting. Companies that offer webhosting services have high-performance servers, that are connected to a fast internet and are monitored and optimized. They have installed programs that are required for your websites and databases to run and your data is backuped.

More info on webhosting

3. Template

Template is something like our architect. The house is going to have two floors, five rooms and it's going to be oriented south, plaster is going to be light and rooms are going to be painted yellow. The door is going to be like that and the windows like that.

Template says what basic structure is your website going to have, what will the menu look like, what will the background look like, where is going to be placed your logo, and what font it's going to use.

When working with content management system (more on that later) you are going to choose template first.

Content management systems (CMS) usually have some templates (our has more than 700), or you can buy the template or download it somewhere. We can compare them to prefabricated houses. However we are going to create a perfect template to your liking, so your website is going to have a unique style and appearance.

More info on template and graphic design

4. Content management system (CMS)

Your website is the house. Of course you can build it yourself, but you are going to need a lot of skill and tools. In the world of internet these tools are html, css, javascript, php, mysql... or your house can be built by a professional building company. In our analogy this company is a content management system.

You may call CMS something like MS Word for internet. CMS brings two fundamental positives. This first one is that we don't have to reinvent wheel every time. Common sites have common structure, there's some header and footer, space for main content and side panels. CMS has tools for easy website editation and for uploading photos and creating galleries. You can easily put in maps, videos and have pop-up facebook plugin and much more.

The second one is, that you don't need any IT skills for CMS, so everyone who has basic computing skill can use CMS.

More info on content management system (CMS)

5. SEO and catalogues

Now we have almost everything, but no one knows where our house is or where do we live. You probably know  Yellow Pages where was a list of phone numbers. We are going to register your website in major catalogues in a similar way, also we are going to SEO optimize your website, so you will be visible in search engines like Google or Yahoo.

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